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About US

Our Mission: To inspire and assist organizations to achieve performance excellence, thereby fulfilling the aspirations of individual and corporate stakeholders

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Pedaxia is an Organization and Human Performance consulting company focused on delivering High Impact Solutions that help organizations improve business performance through excellence in Strategy Execution. A Network….of Professionals, with extensive business experience gained from leading global and local companies…and Organizations, that partner  with clients to create bespoke solutions to address their needs and realize value.


We have faith to please God and live, and it gives us courage to work



We deal uprightly and our word is our bond



We ensure our clients get value at every interaction


We are responsive and flexible to ensure mutual benefits


We bring clarity and simplicity to all situations

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Our Services

....we focus on key disciplines that enhance your organization’s ability to ‘extract’ value from its deployment of people.


Organization Design

Talent Management

Internal Brand


Corporate Visioning to help executives articulate a unifying purpose that will inspire passion and drive individual contribution.

Leadership Development Programs and structured international ‘Master Class’ Programs tailored to ensure executives and managers have the capabilities required both as individuals and part of the team to lead change and make impact in business and industry.

Executive Search and Selection Systems to identify and recruit targeted business leaders to support achievement of corporate aspirations.

Change Program Management to coordinate organizational change efforts through assessing readiness for change, identifying and managing risks, providing operational support to run a Program Management Office (PMO) and implementing effective structures for measuring improvements.

Organization Design

Governance and Organization Strategy that ensures effective oversight and deployment of corporate resources.

Appropriate and Adaptive Organization Structures that support the execution of business strategies. Incorporates Team/Job Design and Evaluation.

Process Design and Deployment to optimize organizational resources and efficiencies.

Institutionalized and Relevant Balanced Strategic Measures aligned with appropriate measurement mechanisms to drive individual, team and corporate performance, ensuring achievement of intended strategic outcomes.

Flexible Workforce and Employment Models to facilitate an organization’s ability to attract and effectively deploy required talent.

Talent Management

Human Resource Management and Talent Audits that assist managers and investors identify key risks/challenges in human resource management and talent pools within organizations.

Human Resource Strategies and Policies Development that define key capabilities required for a new HR to support business strategies and prepare the HR organization for a more strategic, value adding role.

Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Processes to enhance organizational capacity to identify and source talent in a predictable manner. Incorporates leading recruitment practices e.g. assessment centres, eRecruiting, etc.

Performance Management to align individual objectives to corporate goals and build a high performance culture through effective measurement and tracking of individual and team performance.

Internal Brand

Corporate Internal Re-branding Initiatives to discover, assess and redefine expected corporate attributes, behaviours and performance cultures in line with transformation aspiratio0ns and business strategies.

Brand Champion Development Programs to rapidly immerse new employees in established corporate culture and build brand champions to live and project organizational attributes.

Company Surveys and Communications to obtain, track and benchmark structured employee contributions to defining and achieving corporate goals, and responses to determine extent of satisfaction and concerns/issues with the organization.